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These Actresses Used To Be Cheerleaders!

They started their way to fame since childhood!

Cheerleaders in modern school are a special group of society, who promote and support their school teams in various competitions. There are even battles between the teams and being a part of cheerleaders is actually a high honor for a girl. No need to say how proud you can be if once you turn into leading cheerleader. It is almost like winning Grammy awards! World famous celebrities also didn’t neglect this culture and the following stars have been an active part of cheerleader teams:

Kirsten Dunst

Spiderman star grew up in New Jersey, but at the age of 11 moved to sunny and warm LA, where the girl could continue her successful modeling career. However the biggest step to fame she got thanks to the part in Interview with the Vampire, where she played a small vampire. But like any other teenage girl, she had her tough period, when there was no better way to escape than participating in cheerleading squat, right?

Maryl Streep

This never fading beautiful woman looks like she never changed from school years. The world’s star was a big fan of singing when she was a kid, but later on however she switched singing for favoring the boys. And instead of continuing singing lessons became a cheerleader. Meryl managed to combine few of her passions and become successful in all of them, she was even chosen as a queen at the graduating class. Determination of this woman is spectacular.

Halle Berry

Now you know where the gymnastic skills we saw in Catwoman movie come from. Halle was quite busy at school, being an editor of newspaper, successful student and at the same time cheerleader. And of course later even a prom queen!

Megan Fox

If you have a look at the picture you see a usual cheerleader- pretty with slim body. However Megan wasn’t like that before at all. She used to be called an ugly duck, had a rather aggressive character because of which she got constantly bullied and girls avoided her. Instead she hanged out with boys irritating her classmates. Her bullying time got ended once she started modeling career. It requires strong personality to handle tough times and prove to yourself that you are much better than others say.

Eva Longoria

Beautiful Latina managed to get a success in life by growing up in the ordinary family, used to work as a waitress in young age and of course was a part of cheerleaders. Once she decided to try her acting skills in the contest which brought her to LA. She is not only a successful actress and beautiful woman, but also a very active member of various social and political issues!

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