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Dubai: The Sheikh Rat Race Making it the World’s Richest Playground for Architects

Living in Dubai is a good guarantee that you will never be bored. The United Arab Emirates are overflowing with expensive cars, beautiful architecture and golden Nokia’s. Calling Dubai a luxurious place is a severe understatement. We’ve all heard a few stories, but what does this constantly growing state truly have to offer to those that have no clue what Dubai is about.

Let’s take a closer look at the beautiful, multicultural city and talk about some of the amazing things you can do.

Burj Khalifa

It would be crazy to talk about Dubai attractions and leave out the Burj Khalifa. Not only does this 2,722-foot skyscraper hold the title of being the tallest building in the world, it also holds over a dozen other records. These includes – having the world’s highest restaurant, as well as the world’s highest observation deck.

Achieving so much with a single building sounds like an impossibly expensive task. Well, it is. The Burj Khalifa took roughly $1.5 billion to build, and spending a few nights in this giant will guarantee you several nights of insane luxury, comfort and entertainment that will not be soon forgotten.

Although the beautiful architectural feat has over 160 floors, the high-speed elevator makes sure that you’ll reach your destination within seconds. You might want to hold onto something during your first trip, though.

Golf Courses

If there’s one sport Dubai resident love, it’s golf. Several local golf courses have been designed by golf big shots like Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Colin Montgomery. Their influence will ensure that every hole you play will be worth your while. To make your stay even better, it’s quite likely that you’ll bump into a few celebrities that often visit the courses to boot.

Every year, Dubai’s Emirates Golf Club holds a huge competition with $2.5 million in prize money. It’s called the Dubai Desert Classic, and if you’re a golf lover and present at the right time of the year, you’ll be in for an exciting experience.

The Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club has amazing golf courses as well. Located in the center of Dubai, the golf club gets thousands of visitors a year trying to beat previous records or simply golfing for fun. Visiting any of these golf courses will be sure to give even veteran golfers an enjoyable time filled with many exciting challenges.

Burj Al Arab

With the Burj Al Arab being called the world’s only 7 star hotel, this luxury lodge seems to have no intention of curbing our expectations. While it is the third tallest hotel in the world, this widely celebrated landmark has only 28 floors. No space is wasted, though – every single one of the 202 suites is big and luxurious enough to house royalty.

Speaking of royalty – the Burj’s Royal Suite won’t be something you’d likely want to sleep in. Don’t get me wrong, the suite is absolutely divine (understatement), but with a $20,000/night price tag you’ll be hard-pressed to find a good night’s rest. While spending the night here is too expensive for us common folk, you could take a peek inside by reserving a few spots at one of Burj Al Arab’s equally luxurious restaurants, which will set you back a lot less.

At a height of 1056 feet, the Burj Al Arab is a marvelous vista to admire, and offers an even better view at its upper floors. Its architect, Tom Wright from WKK Architects, has given the hotel an interesting form. It heavily resembles a ship sail, which blends perfectly with the underlying land, resulting in a stunning image. Definitely a place to visit – if you can afford it.

Palm Jumeira

Another one of Dubai’s jewels is the Palm Jumeira – a beautiful man-made island that is shaped exactly like a palm tree. You’ll find this self-proclaimed world wonder on the coast of Jumeirah. It used to be only a pile of sand, and to be honest, it looked pretty amazing back then as well. Now it’s filled with resorts, hotels and overflowing with flora and fauna, making it something you must see for yourself, you can be sure that it’ll be something you never forget.

This artificial island has transformed itself from nothing into its current state within the span of a mere 8 years. By the time Palm Jumeira was finished, it had already been the world’s largest man-made island for over a year.

Traversing from the mainlands to Palm Juneira has been made easy through their speedy monorail that will make the 3.4-mile trip a breeze. There are two other Palm Islands in Dubai that are definitely worth looking into, but if you could pick only one, I’d recommend going with the original Palm Island.

Ski Dubai

Putting on your ski while you’re surrounded by hot sand sounds silly. But this indoor ski resort makes it possible. Ski resorts aren’t that special, you might think, but this is Dubai we’re talking about. Located within the Mall of the Emirates, you’ll be able to race down 5 different slopes from a 60-meter high mountain.

You might want to watch where you’re going, though. Humans aren’t the only ones that love Ski Dubai. Multiple penguins live in this chilly artificial resort. If you book a few tickets before it’s sold out, you will be able to actually play with them as well.

If ridiculously cute animals aren’t exactly your thing, you might want to take a look at the Snow Park right next to the slopes. It has several exciting attractions. If you’re into sleds, slides and gigantic snowballs, this park will certainly be right up your alley.

The World

Being in Dubai immediately gives you the ability to take a trip around the world. This is true in both a literal and figurative sense. The World, another artificial island, but made in a shape that might be even more interesting than the aforementioned palm tree.

This man-made archipelago mimics the map of the world, with 5.6 miles in length and 3.7 miles in width, it’s safe to say that The World is pretty big. Tourists can take a boat around this amazing engineering feat and gaze upon its beauty.
With over 300 constructed islands, you might wonder who has set such a crazy task in motion. Well, that’s Dubai’s leader, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum himself. It took several years, but despite several delays The World has become a great example of what people are capable of. Apparently all we need is an exorbitant amount of money…

Dubai Mall

Shoppers with incredibly high standards will absolutely love the Dubai Mall. With more than 1,200 shops to go through, you’re sure to never run out of places to look for a bargain.

Although the shops are only part of what the largest shopping center in the world has to offer. Millions of people visit the Dubai Mall every year to haggle for valuables at the Dubai Gold Souk, witness its indoor waterfall and to see its humongous aquarium in the flesh. The Dubai Mall is also right next to the Dubai fountains, which is a beautiful sight to see if you’re at the right place at the right time.

The Dubai Mall is a great place to visit with your family, and it’s often visited by celebrities from all over the world. Although, if you’ve visited several other malls that are almost on the same level, then the Dubai Mall won’t blow your mind. If you haven’t, you’ll be amazed.

Champagne Brunches

Dubai is a state in which the use of alcohol is only allowed when you’re at home or in your hotel. But with the vast amount of hotels sprinkled throughout the land, this hardly is a problem for many people. In fact, it’ll be hard to find a hotel in Dubai that doesn’t have a single place serving alcohol. Should you stumble on a hotel that doesn’t have a single restaurant, bar or club, then you’re in the wrong place.

On Friday, several eateries will add champagne brunches to their menus. For first-timers, it’s hard to imagine what to expect from this. If you were thinking in the direction of being served crazy amounts of delicious buffets accompanied with an insane amount of alcohol, then you’re thinking in the right direction. Although it’s hard to imagine there being a real need for it, there are several hotels that offer all-you-can-eat champagne brunches. Champagne brunches are heaven on Earth for those with more developed palates.


It’s hard to believe that Dubai used to be a big heap of sand and that it has molded itself into one of the most desired tourist destinations in the entire world, and all within just two decades.

To wrap it up, Dubai is filled with insane feats, and the residents are consistently besting each other with one feat before being defeated by another. This extravagant sense of rivalry between millionaires and billionaires has made Dubai into the crazy and exciting place it is now.

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