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African Bodybuilders Prove You Don’t Need A Gym To Get Shredded

My motto for 2017 is going to be get ripped or die trying. There is nothing I dream of more often than getting swoll and proving to the world that a ten-pack does exist. Unfortunately, a mountain of muffins, a sea of crisps and a XXL pepperoni pizza are standing in my way of ab definition.

Although every gym under the sun will tell you that come the new year, you can become a “new you”, motivating yourself to move from the couch to the gym is another story.

I can’t believe it’s 2016 and you still have to leave your house to endure a half decent exercise routine.

So let me tell you that I am thanking my lucky stars right now, because a group of African bodybuilders have just proved that you don’t need a gym to become more stacked than a supermarket shelf.

Sign me up right now, so I can then eat as much as humanly possible come Christmas day.

If some African bodybuilders can get ripped without a gym, so can you. This group of bodybuilders don’t have access to the best and most efficient equipment and use concrete dumbbells to curl instead of high end weights sets. They’ve made themselves a gym creating equipment with scrap metal. You can see the results for yourself below.

Source: candyreader


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