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20 Shocking Images Proving Ghosts Are Real

There’s always the question in the back of everyone’s mind “are ghosts are real?”With all the information available to the public today, it is almost possible to prove ghosts are real with 100% certainty. The images that follow may terrify some and mystify others. Either way, these are photos you can’t miss! 12 will leave you speechless.

20. The Basement is Haunted

The family had just purchased this home and found a little surprise in the basement. The picture was shot at 3am. Apparently, the best time to catch a ghost is at night. It was reported that a 2-yr-old in the family was heard talking to someone or something in the basement.

While the child was by himself in the basement, he was quoted as saying “No! It’s mine!.” Although, that is creepy, it doesn’t prove anything since children tend to have imaginary friends. The real proof is in the pudding just take a good look at the photo.

19. The Haunting at Godfather’s Pizza in Utah

Before this photo was taken, there had been several reports of paranormal activity at this particular Godfather’s Pizza. Some of the reported events include: mysterious sounds, the floor moving by itself, and a jukebox playing “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” all on its own. Then this photo was taken that gave the proof of an outside force in the form of a ghost.

There were claims reported by the patrons that they could see the ghost with the naked eye. It’s surprising a movie hasn’t been made in honor of this haunting, this is some great material to build upon. It’d be nice to get the latest news from Godfather’s to see if any other activity has gone down.

18. The Creeper Ghost

The women in the photo had expressed concerns about a haunting before this photo was taken. It was verified that her and her husband were the only two people in the house besides the dog. If you look closely, you can tell that the photo is not altered. It looks like her suspicions were true after all. It has been reported, that dogs can sense the presence of ghosts.

Video footage would help this photo by showing if the dog had a reaction to the ghostly figure. Either way, hopefully the couple moved out of that house fast, that is just too creepy.

The next one shows that as far back as the 1800s people were photographing ghosts.

17. Lord Combermere’s Funeral?

Here you can see an old classic photo taken in 1891, well before computer photo editing was available. At the same time the photo was shot, the Lord’s funeral was taking place in a different location. It looks like his soul wasn’t quite ready to leave.

Imagine your spouse stalking you after they’ve been dead for 10 years.

16. The Husband Who Couldn’t Let Go

One of those rare sightings of a ghost during the day has taken place here. The woman in the photo recognized the man as her husband. The only problem is her husband died 10 years before this photo was taken. Super spooky stuff going on right here.

You ever wonder what your dog is barking at? Well, maybe there’s something there that you’re just not seeing.

15. Fido Sees Dead People

If it weren’t for the dogs reaction, this photo could easily be a fake. Once the dog jumped toward the light, it became apparent that whatever was caught in the photo was an actual energy. If your dog is barking, always trust in it. Fido senses everything.

14. Has This Ghost Come for Your Soul?

This photo was snapped in Yorkshire, England in 1963. Like others on the list, the time period is well before computer photo editing was available. It looks like this ghostly presence appeared in a church, making it all the more creepy.

13. Ghosts Can Have Crushes Too

Yes that’s right, this goes went arm in arm with a woman in Asia without her knowledge. The exact location was in Manila, Philippines. Make sure to stay careful on your next trip there because a ghost may lurk in your vicinity.

12. The Phantom Sister

Some people may immediately jump to conclusions and call this photo out as a double exposure. The reason that it isn’t possible is because the girl in the picture died a few years before this photo was taken. The little ghost girl was the birthday girl’s sisterYou ever wonder what happens after you die?

11. Did His Soul Leave Early?

Here you can see the man’s soul rising out of his body the day before he died. This is a real breakthrough in the truth behind the soul. You have to wonder if this is standard and happens to everyone. The only difference is we don’t always see it actually happen like with this photo.

10.Haunting in North Georgia

Like responsible people, this couple set up cameras overnight because of their concern about trespassers on their property. What they found was trespassers in the form of ghosts not people. That must have been a mind-blowing moment for the couple.

9. The Party Crasher

This is possibly the most disturbing photo on the list. It was reported, that the little girl didn’t want to get in the photo because the boy was scaring her. The adults, oblivious to the ghost at their kneecaps, just kept on truckin.

8. Ghost Taking Notes

The photo was taken at the Lincoln County Courthouse, where a ghost was caught taking notes on a notepad.

7. Snapchat Ghost

There are so many selfies taken these days that this was bound to happen. The woman caught a ghost in the background. There were only 3 real people in the room.

6. Ghost Boots

After taking a picture of his daughter in Japan, a father noticed something strange about the photo. Yes, those boots are there standing tall behind his daughter, but no one was there.

5. The Brown Lady

Raynham Hall has been haunted by “The Brown Lady” since her death in 1726. The women was known as Lady Dorothy during her years in the flesh.

4. The Creep Show in Bolivia

While these guys were having a little fun, the ghost in the elevator wanted to say hello.

3. Stay Out of the Basement People!

A widow took this shot and claims that her husband is the ghostly image. He had died years before the photo was taken.

2. Haunting on Richmond Bridge

Team Paranormal Australia captured this photo on Richmond Bridge in Tasmania.

1. The Wheelchair Apparition

It looks like he didn’t want to leave the hospital.

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