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Incredible Ways To Totally Ruin Relationship With Men

Be aware if you don’t want to make a mistake

Relationship are even more fragile than a ceramic vase. It seems to you that everything is perfect, when in one moment everything gets broken and your vase falls down into million of tiny pieces. Especially nowadays, when people no longer aim to build strong relationship but prefer to pretend, manipulate and blame each other. Relationship are losing its value and there is no glue that can bring those pieces together. Just have a look at the most common things that freak men out and can end up your game pretty fast:

When you are offended and keep silence. He might have forgotten again to put down the toilet seat, left his dirt cup from the coffee on the table and didn’t buy everything you asked. What women usually do? They get offended, press the lips and don’t talk to their man for couple of days without giving any explanation. While you think this strategy works, men have their own mindset. He did something wrong? You don’t like something? Tell him straight, without blaming and tears, only facts.

When a woman pushes to get married otherwise she will find somebody else. There is no better way to lose a man than forcing relationship and keep bothering him with questions as for the future. You can make him meet your parents, make constant fights about the wedding day until he escapes completely. Or you can enjoy your current relationship, if you love your man and he loves you – what are you afraid of ? And where do you rush?

When woman believes than a man is nothing without her. If you want to kill his self esteem tell him you don’t believe in him as a man and mention the fact that he can’t succeed in anything without you. Maybe you think that with such phrases you boost his motivation- you don’t. If you want him to reach a success show that you believe in him and keep reminding him about it.
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