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These Girls Look Exactly Like Dolls

It is creepy, but they are actually real

Modern beauty hacks can turn any average looking girl into a top hot model and vise versa if you end up in the hands of an awful master. However there are few girls in fashion and entertaining business that besides using the latest beauty trends to look awesome remind you big time of the doll! Just have a look at couple of these ladies and freak yourself out:

Dakota Rose

There is hardly anybody who hasn’t see this cute girl who made fame in Chin and Japan, where she was shown in couple of new networks. Fans tend to consider her a cosplayer, while the girl dresses up this way all the time and doesn’t really care what others think of her.

Venus Palermo

The London based 15 year old girl decided not to quit playing dolls but instead turn into one of them. You can watch her on Youtube, as she gives beauty tutorials to other girls who wish to look at least tiny bit like her.

Wang Jiayun

A Chinese student has become viral over Korean internet thanks to her incredible similarity to the dolls. According to the ratings, her name is one of the most top searched ones over various Korean sites.

Russian Barbie

There is not too much known about this hell of a beauty, except that she is from Russia and she is real. While the rest complain it is impossible to have the same body measurements in real life, this Russian Barbie feel pretty comfortable living up to these standards.

 Source: indigodaily


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