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What Does It Mean When You Talk While Asleep?

Science gives a solid answer

You might have one of those friends or maybe even a partner who freaked you out couple of times by talking in their sleep, right? It does happen with everybody from time to time, but what does it actually mean?

In the world of science, talking whole asleep got a special name “somniloqu”  It is a special state of the person when he is talking during sleep without realizing it. It might be either simple mumbling, quite talk or even long monologues which make sense. The scariest thing is that people don’t remember it as soon as they wake up, right? Sometimes you can find out a lot of new about your partner while he is sharing during sleep, lol.

But what it actually means is that a person is sleep deprived. It might be caused by something depriving or there can be already a high level of sleep deprivation. According to the National Sleep Foundation, deprivation can be caused by depression, stress, fever and even alcohol. Among the major reasons you might also find medical issues, like sleep apnea or regular sleep disorder which deprives your sleep and causes talking. There are few rare cases when talking in adulthood can be caused by psychiatric disorder.

However, most of the people are suffering from this condition for a short period of time and don’t require special medication. But in case it bothers your partner and lasts more than half a year it is time to see your doctor. If it just temporary, enjoy the conversation but don’t take all the words straight, as such a talk is not a product of his rational mind, so don’t trust everything you hear.

 Source: indigodaily


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