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Things You Should Always Have In Your Car In Winter

Snow and low temperatures are already here and it is time to prepare your car as well

The same way you dress up yourself when it is freezing outside, by putting on warm hat, scarf and coat, you should also equip your car before heading on the road:

A Blanket

And not for the romantic nights with your lady, but just in case you get stuck or your heater suddenly breaks.

Extra windshield wiper fluid

Give preference to the one with antifreeze effect to fight ice better.

An ice scraper

It is better to have one in case your wiper fluids can’t manage the amount of ice on your windows.

A first aid kit

You never know what might happen during the road.

Jumper cables

One of the most common problems with batteries happened during the nights with too low temperatures.


Don’t rely too much on your phone, as the battery is usually always low there, and you don’t want to stay without a phone in a moment of need.

A Bag of sand

Not to put it on the road in front of you, but in case the way got too slippery a bag of sand in your trunk can add an extra weight for less swinging and dancing.

The list looks like very easy and reasonable, but many drivers neglect it until they get into trouble in the middle of the road in the snowy and freezing weather. Don’t let this happen to you.

 Source: indigodaily


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