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Did You Know That These Celebrities Got Robbed By Parents?

Hollywood is a tough place

Besides being always a target of paparazzi and fighting for fame and the best role, celebrities can also become victims of their own families. Being rich and famous puts a lot of pressure and sometimes the parents of such siblings can’t handle the seduction to use a bit of their kid’s money. While usually parents are worried about their children and will do everything for their well being, in Hollywood things can turn a bit around. Here are few famous kids who have been used by their own parents:

Macaulay Culkin

He is one of the most famous kids actors of all the time. But while he was busy with acting, his father, who was also Culkin’s manager and his mom got into constant fights and finally filed for divorce splitting all the 50 million their kid earned in between. Luckily for Culkin, he was given by court a total control over his money.

Lindsay Lohan

Scandalous and successful actress has always been in the middle of attention. When she grew up into teenager and turned into a famous star, her father who was divorced from the mom, who was also arrested many times and had DUI charges has never been the best father, but suddenly started to show his love to the daughter. He was trying to get over his girl’s attention by pretending he really cared for her, while in reality….

Leighton Meester

The star of the Gossip Girl was going through almost the same family conflict as in the movie. She used to send her brother 7,500 $ every month for medical treatments and very soon she found out that her mom was the one using money for herself. Meester brought her to court claiming that mom was using money for botox and other beauty treatments. Luckily the judge saw everything through and eliminated the toxic mother from actress’s life who could help and care for her younger brother.

Drew Barrymore

Sometimes you can steal more than money, but childhood of your kid in general. This is what happened with a red haired beauty who grew up in the family of actors and had to see too many things when she was a kid. Drew started smoking in the age of 9 and tried alcohol with drugs before even turned 14. Luckily in the age of 15 she got emancipated from the parents. Do you still complain about your folks?

 Source: indigodaily


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