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Kissenger: The First Device Letting You Send A Real Kiss

You can send a real physical kiss through the phone now!

Long distance relationship are always kind of complicated, when you struggle of not being able to touch and kiss your beloved person. Sometimes exchanging pictures and talking over the phone is not enough. But not anymore. Now you can actually send a virtual physical kiss through the Kissenger โ€“ an Apple invention to bring people closer.

If you have a look at the device, it might look very strange from the first sight โ€“ equipped with sensors hidden under the silicon lips, they manage to measure the strength of the kiss you leave on the device and records this pressure. The device sends the collected information to your phone which transfers it to your partner through Internet. So if your partner has the same device he can experience the kiss you made on his cheeks or lips. Of course it might not be so real as you would love it to be, and in the beginning could actually remind you a gentle petting over the cheek or lips. But it is kind of cool to feel the actual kiss, send over the miles from your beloved person.

The device is made for the iOS systems and works like a phone, so you simply cover the plugs into the audio set. However the owners of iPhone 7 are not that luckyโ€ฆ

No more need to suffer, technologies do bring people in love, families and friends closer, by letting them exchange the kisses with this nifty device.

Source: indigodaily


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