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6 Healthy Food You Should Be Giving To Your Dog

Animals also have their needs in diets

Animal lovers spend a bunch of time learning which feeding methods are better for certain breed, which foods to avoid, and which to add more. Sometimes we neglect our dogs needs and give them whatever there is in a fridge, which later on might lead to sicknesses and even losing your best friend. Therefore, next time before feeding your pet, consider adding the following foods into his meals:


Oatmeal will make a digestion of your pet extremely easy and smooth. It is especially needed for the older dogs who tend to have issues with tummy.


Have you noticed that some dogs have a rather bad smell from the mouth? Parsley is rich in calcium and potassium but it is also a great remedy against bad breath. Just add few tablespoons of chopped parsley into the dog’s food.


Peas should be often added to the meals of younger dogs, as it contains potassium as well as phosphorus and vitamin B.

Coconut oil

You might think it is kind of weird, as coconut oil is mostly used for beauty and health treatments for humans, but it turns out it also can make your pet’s fur and skin shiny and healthy. So don’t be shy to add few spoons of oil into the food.


This veggie is a rich source of vitamins which is a great boost for the general health of your dog. Carrots can scrape off the plaque of your dog’s teeth, which is usually a reason of tooth decay and various infections.

Lean meat

While there are many debates as for the healthy use of bones, lean meat has nothing to argue about. Chicken, pork or beef are all rich in amino acids with vitamins B. It is essential for energy boost and also can balance metabolism. Try to avoid too fat meat not to overload your dog’s stomach.

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