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These Daily Habits Are Ruining Your Health

How many of these dirty routines do you do a day?

With healthy lifestyle being on top of its popularity, the majority is obsessed with ideas of how to improve the lifestyle and actually turn it into more healthy one. Besides regular work out and diets, there are simple daily routines and habits that can actually bring more harm than benefit to your health. Check how much you harm your health every single day:

Using a loofah

You might think that by using it you actually make a proper cleaning of your body. In reality the shape and holes of loofah make it a great source of bacteria and you dead skin cells. Add here warm water which helps it to grow and you end up washing your body with a whole load of dirt. Make sure to clean it up and totally dry out the loofah before next use.


How many of us have that small handbag we carry around? No matter if you are a man or a woman you have one for sure. German scientists found our that in few square centimeters of a woman’s handbag there are around 10, 000 different bacteria living.

Taking your phone to the toilet

Ohhh, how many of us do it? It is like a newspaper, right? It turns out that checking and reading the newsfeed while you make a poo is not really healthy idea. Why? As soon as you flush the water with all the urine and faeces spray around six feet around, so you don’t even feel it. So basically everything in that bathroom is covered with poo and urine, including your phone, which you will put next time to your face when somebody calls.

Popping a spot

It is really hard to resists a temptation, but instead of relief you actually push the bacteria more down in the skin, so don’t be surprised to see redness and other infection popping out on your skin next time.

Wet towels on the floor

Never ever leave the wet towel on the floor, as the steam and warmth of the bathroom will do what? Exactly – give a perfect condition for bacteria to grow and spread. So don’t be lazy to take a towel away to dry out after each shower or bath.

 Source: indigodaily


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