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19 Most Embarrassing Moments Ever Captured on Camera

We all have at one point or another gone through an embarrassing moment or two.

The type of event that is so humiliating and mortifying, you wouldn’t dare share it with anyone else. Better yet to take it with you to your grave than have to relieve the experience over and over again

. The reality is not that, unfortunately. It’s worse that these cringeworthy moments get exposed for everyone to see and laugh at. Just when you thought you were over the traumatizing incident, it shows up to haunt you not only in your dreams but also while awake.

1. She thought she could hold it a bit longer, her bowels said “I don’t think so!”

Putting your hand didn’t stop the pee when you were a toddler, it won’t work as an adult either.

2. She was a canine in a past life and thought she could transfer those skills over.

Using her hands would have made this situation less painful.

3. It is exactly what you think it is. When you are not feeling well, listen to your body and stay home. 

Fair to say, there will not be a second or third date.

4. Two besties who grew up together but just developed differently. 

Nothing gets in the way of their friendship.

5. You are never safe when the paparazzi is looming around. 

We are sure it was just a fish bite people.

6. We don’t know what’s worse; the see-through leggings or the fact that everyone else’s legs are down. 

You follow your own yoga rhythm girl!

7. Everyone likes to play dress-up sometimes but it’s usually with clothes that fit.

It seemed funny at the time.

8. She’s doing her dance moves with passion and flair. 

Yet, no one seems to be noticing her.

9. Someone is a little too excited and his swimming trunks are making it public. 

Eyes up, eyes up!

10. She’s just trying to get her sexy, dominatrix look on and these peeping Toms appear.

Somehow, her photo stopped being hot.

11. Santa is supposed to be jolly and sweet not happy and perverted.

Watch the hand old man!

12. His running shirt must be made from sandpaper fabric.

Somebody give the man two band-aids now!

13. This is why you should always go to the loo before going to bed.

How is she still sleeping is the question.

14. When muscle cramps hit, you need a quick solution like a heat pad or a spray. 

Let’s hope no one confused it with the pepper spray.

15. He thought she was going to pee so he just followed suit.

Someone needs to talk to him about martial arts.

16. A family that wears sweaters together… is literally stuck together. 

It was a cute idea until it was made into a reality.

17. He thinks they are totally hitting it off, she can’t be bothered. 

Let the guy down a little nicer.

18. He is going to the finish line whether he has to go to the washroom or not.

It would really suck if he didn’t place high.

19. That is a foot people! Still, his friends won’t stop bugging him.

 Source: lifebuzz


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