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Dentists Share The Worst Things They Saw During Work

Teeth and tongue are not counted!

Every job has its positive and negative sides, and sometimes we face something unusual and absolutely weird. Like the dentists who have to face every day somebody’s mouth, but besides doing your usual work they can become witnesses of such strange things as :

Things can actually grow in your mouth without you knowing.

One of the dentists was treating a root canal and besides a regular plaque and tartar he saw a seed inside the gum. After further exploration and few questions to the patient, dentist found out it was a tomato seed which already started to grow into plant.

Dentist do want to vomit into your mouth sometimes. One old lady asked to repair her denture, which has to be properly cleaned every day. But you could clearly see that the lady didn’t take it out the last few months, so the gums got a specific smell, plus infection and pieces of rotten food. All of this makes it extremely hard not to vomit.

It might be your last working day. One dentist was doing a usual extraction routine when the patient’s jaw simply broke in half. Can you imagine?

When you wish your patient never catches a cold. Why? A woman had her all teeth held in place by her calculus bridge. So as soon as the dentist removed it all of the teeth were swinging and moving like Christmas decorations. So if by any chance the woman would cough or sneeze, all the teeth would be gone with a wind.

Too much hair in the face. And not even just hair but the animals living in it. One of the dentists noticed an ant inside the patient’s mouth and soon he figured out where it is coming from. The beard of the patient looked like a small zoo of bugs, but doctor had to play it cool, like nothing happened.
Do you still complain about your job?

 Source: indigodaily


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