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5 Ways To Stick To Your New Year Resolutions

It is not enough just to make them – but to keep them


January can be called without any doubt the most inspirational and motivations months in the whole year. You feel excited about the upcoming events, new plans and dreams coming true that’s why it is the best time to start completing your resolutions now until March arrives and you will lose all your patience and focus:

Be precise about your goals

Instead of making general assumptions and exclamations, make them short and precise. For example, instead of saying :”I will lose weight until summer” you specify “ I will lose 7 kilograms until summer”.

Find a partner

If you don’t feel power to do it on your own find a partner and accomplish the plan together. Team up with a colleague if your plans concern work, work with a friend if it comes to some creative goals and so on. The main point is to find somebody responsible and accountable.

Make a schedule

Be honest with yourself, you will never simply find time to do something you wish to accomplish. That’s why it is better to make it clear right away and fit in the goal into the schedule so you can’t miss it by any excuse.

Be patient with yourself

The result might take a while to be visible, that’s why don’t get upset or disappointed with yourself if results are coming slow. The most important is not to stop and keep going.


Don’t forget to treat yourself with a small reward, but make sure it doesn’t confront your goal. Meaning, don’t treat yourself with a kilo of donuts if you just lost a pound 🙂

 Source: indigodaily


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