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5 Signs She Started To Hate You

While you don’t even suspect it

You have seen it plenty of times: the guy who is flirting all around thinking she is all over him, while the rest can clearly see she doesn’t like him at all and moreover hates every single thing about him. However it is hard to determine which is the worst case – the guy who is just trying to catch a girl or the one whose girlfriend hates him? If you start to see some differences in her behavior check these signs out:

You are the first one to call or text

Let’s be honest, if a girl never messages you first and responds only after your first message or call, it shows at least that she doesn’t care. And don’t expect her to call you one day first, won’t happen, just because you are not her type at all.

She is not jealous

Don’t believe women who say they are never jealous, they trust and so on. Its is a total lie. When women are crazy in love they will be jealous no matter how much they trust you. But unfortunately if your girl stopped doing it, it doesn’t mean your relationship went on more trusty level, on the contrary – you are on the ignorant level or even worse – she can’t stand being with you. And secretly wishes for you to go and hang out with somebody else but her.

She sends one word texts back

If you used to have before long, sexy and flirty texts and now they slowly turned into short one word messages – it is a clear sign she has no wish to talk. She is no longer into you and replies just so you leave her alone. However there is another option – maybe she is literally very busy and has no time for sending you love messages. Don’t read it wrong.

She doesn’t sleep with you anymore

Yes, if bedroom used to be your favorite room before and suddenly she has no mood, here are two options, either you entered a cool zone of your relationship which happens with everybody and soon everything will be okay, or she started to hate you and just the idea of you touching her doesn’t seduce her at all.

She picks up fights with you

Women can be very patient and if your little bunny suddenly turned into an evil lion who constantly finds something to argue about it means you irritate her. That’s just for the beginning. Otherwise she just searchers for a tiniest reason to pick up a fight with you and tell everything what she is thinking about. You might not want hear that one…
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