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Top 5 Wildest Snapchat Scandals Of 2016

Snapchat has taken a wild turn this year. When it started, I think they still “always deleted” which is what the app was supposed to do. Now everything is saved to the camera roll… And we post it all!

Guy Snapchats Girlfriend In Bed Naked With Other Man

This is every dude’s biggest fear, walking up to the door just to see some other dick… And I don’t mean dick like “this person is a dick”

A guy named Chris went back to his hometown to surprise his girlfriend during summer break. He showed up and saw another dude laying in bed with her.

What would you do?! Beat the dude’s ass! That is what I am talking about. Before Chris thew the first punch, he decided his My Stroy should see the hoe he was dating. He even left her nip in there!

This was the #1 Snapchat post (as far as people who visited the link) of 2016. The next one I thought was even more wild:

Professor Caught Plowing Student Over His Desk On University’s Snapchat

5 star professor!

“He will trade sex for grades” is what one of the comments reads on this professors “RateMyProfessor” page.

Here is the video:

#3 — Creepy Uncle Pulls Down Nieces Towel After Getting Out Of Shower

Love a good hidden camera prank! This girl’s uncle is such a jokester…

#4 Girl Makes History By Snapchatting Her Nudes 36,000 Feet In The Air

This is why every plane in 2016 needs to have wi-fi! Think of all the shit we have been missing.

This is Alyssa Cole, I don’t know much about her other than the fact that she can take some A++ selifes. Look at this one. Rarely do I see a booty pop like this on Snapchat:

#5 FSU Freshmen Caught On Snapchat Passed Out Covered In Her Own Poop (GRAPHIC)

There are so many questions with one picture. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Why does this girl who seems small seem to be covered in that much shit! Why did her friend post it on Snapchat?

If you look closely, you will see that her thong actually split the turd in twain like the blade of a samurai.

I didn’t think that much could come out of her. HOLY SHIT! Sorry for the pun.

The original poster finally answered a lot of the questions everyone seemed to have: She was sitting on the toilet mid shit, and drunkenly fell forward hitting her head. However, she did not stop shitting while she laid on the floor. This is how her friends found her… toilet paper in hand and allthis

This was posted by her “Best friend” on her snapchat story. 


Bonus #5b that was tied with #6 —

Wedding Called Off After Bachelorette Gets Caught Going Too Far With Stripper On Snapchat

She had a small bachelorette party group with one social media rookie.

The girl claims she was trying to send the pictures to another girlfriend who could not make the trip. *Cough BULLSHIT*

The coke and booze got to her and she got the people mixed up. Again, I am calling some bullshit here. You added 3 emojis and some text on your snap… She was trying to destroy this.

I would blame the coke as well… Especially if I just ruined one of my best friends lives.

Rule one of the bachelor or bachelorette party — don’t bring a phone out.  Rule two… don’t trust anyone…

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