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10 Craziest New Entries In The Guinness World Record 2016

This year, Guinness World Records celebrated its 60th anniversary. After almost a decade in the businesses, it knows weird. Recently, it has listed some of the oddest and bizarre records. And I’ve compiled such strange records in the story here. Have a look! It includes even the guy, who has the most teeth in his mouth, strange, isn’t it?

1. Biggest feet in the world.

Source: eluniversal

20-year-old, Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez of Venezuela has his name listed in the 2016 Guinness World Records book for having the largest feet of a living person. His right foot measures 40.1cm (1ft 3.79in) and the left, 39.6cm (1ft 3.59in). He wears shoes of size 26.

2. Most teeth in the mouth.

Source: historydaily

Vijay Kumar of Bangalore, India has 37 teeth. It is five more than the average human mouth.

3. Tallest Married Couple

Source: bbs

Together, their height measures 13 feet 10.72 inches (423.47cm), Sun Mingming, 33, height, 7ft 8.98 in (236.17cm) and his wife Xu Yan, 29, height, 6ft 1.74 in (187.3cm) of Beijing claim the title for the tallest married couple.

4. Most Balls caught by a dog with its paws in a minute.

Source: abcnews

Makoto Kumagai in Tokyo, Japan has a nine-year-old beagle, Purin who has managed to save 14 goals in 60 seconds.

5. Most Mentos fountains set off simultaneously.

Source: ibtimes

On 15 November 2014, Chupa Chups Industrial Mexicana and Perfetti Van Melle achieved the title of the most Mentos fountains set off simultaneously, the number is 4,334 at the Festival Internacional del Globo in León, Guanajuato, Mexico.

6. Largest Hot Dog Cart in the world.

Source: 20minutes

44-year-old Marcus “Hot Dog Man” Daily of Missouri created the largest hot dog cart in the world, measuring 2.81m (9ft 3in) in width, 7.06m in length, and 3.72m high.

7. Largest Cowboy boots.

Source: corriere

Bob Wade, 72 of Texas made the largest cowboy boots measuring 10.74m (35 ft 3 in) in height.

8. Longest ballpoint pen.

Source: today

Acharya Makunuri Srinivasa, aged 56 from Nizamabad, India set the record of making the longest ballpoint pen measuring 5.5 m (18 ft 0.53 in) in length and weighing 37.23 kg.

9. Largest Dental caps.

Source: ibtimes

On 4 July 2002, Asian elephant, at the Calgary Zoo, Alberta, Canada was operated for 3 hours 30 min to fix the world’s largest dental caps measuring approximately 50cm (19in) long, 13cm in diameter and weighing 13kg (28lb) each.

10. Heaviest Apple

Source: guinness-records

Grown and picked by Chisato Iwasaki at his apple farm in Hirosaki City, Japan on 24 October 2005, the apple weighs 1.849kg (4 lb 1 oz).

Did you find them really crazy?

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