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Why You Shouldn’t Bite Or Pick The Skin Around Your Finger Nails

We’re all guilty of having a few habits which are either a bit gross, or really not good for you.

The most common is biting your nails, which is usually a direct response to stress or nerves, meaning Arsene Wenger probably has no nails left at the prospect of once again sitting in fourth place.

Similar to biting nails, people often like to pick and bite the skin around their nails – you know, those well annoying stray pieces of shite that actually hurt like a bitch.

Though you may not even realise you’re doing it, you should probably stop.


Apparently when you have a good chomp on that area you’re ingesting more germs than you should be. Even worse though, you’re opening up the under layer of your skin to bacteria, which could cause serious infection in that area.

The act of doing this actually have a name, and is known as dermatillomania. Two out of seven people reportedly suffer from the condition, which can cause irreversible nerve damage, as well as permanent damage to your nail bed.

If you have dermatillomania you can get rid of it, with the NHS advising that you should see your GP so they can refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist for a form of talking therapy that can be used to change your skin-picking behaviour, combined with a network of emotional support.

If that isn’t for you there are other remedies, like covering the areas with plasters, or applying moisturiser and caring for the skin.

Mum always put mustard on the end of mine (the English variety). Not only did it put me off biting them but it also made it look as though I’d scraped out my own shit with my hands when I’d been to the toilet.
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