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Intriguing Facts About Social Media!

Social media erased the borders and made world very small indeed

On one hand social media made it possible to stay in touch with people who are far away from us. We do keep in touch, share picture and it seems that those kilometers are actually meters and there are only few houses separating you. On other hand it turned our world into mess. People forget about reality and prefer the web life, where you can build the life you wish. Whether you love it or hate, there are some things that are quite interesting about social media usage, like:

Fake news are going viral faster than the true ones. If you have been active on Facebook for the last couple of months, you should have noticed how Buzzfeed has revealed a crazy fact – 20-40% of news spread on Facebook is actually fake. The things is the more controversial the news is the more chances it will go viral.

Did you know that the population on the Facebook is four times larger than the United States?

More people all over the world have cellphones than the toothbrush. Unfortunately this is the truth, according to the statistics there are 3.7 billion of people who have cellphones, while only 3.5 million own a toothbrush.

Among all social media apps, Facebook turns out to be the most addictive one. It turns out that people tend to check their account more than 5 times per day.

If you try to launch the website, Facebook is the one that will attract the most of the people to your website, and only after goes Pinterest and Twitter.

Most of the women spend their time on Pinterest. Among 70% of all the users registered and active on the site are women.

The most visited site in the world is of course Google, Facebook is coming on the second place, while Youtube is just the third one.

Who is the queen of the Twitter? Katy Perry is, as has around 89 million followers which is 14 million more than Barak Obama.

45 % of people admit that they feel kind of worries and stressed if they can’t open their account or email is unavailable.

Β Source: indigodaily


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