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Celebrities You Had No Clue Adopted Kids

Denise Richards, really?

There is a common belief that people usually ask for adoption only if by some reason they can’t have kids of their own. Maybe in the lives of ordinary people it works like this, but when it comes to celebrities – you can’t predict anything. There are families who have their own children and not even one, but they still are eager to adopt another child to give him a chance for better living. Did you know that these celebrities have actually adopted?

Meg Ryan

A mother of a teenager son decided to adopt a small girl from China back in 2006, so now her son Jack has a lovely sister Daisy.

Kristin Davis

Paradox or no, but just like her character Charlotte from legendary Sex and the City, Kristin has also brought the new baby home at the age of 46. It is never too late to become a mom.

Sandra Bullock

It turns out that Hollywood beauty has two adopted kids already – Louis who joined her family in 2010 and Laila in 2015.

Charlize Theron

Gorgeous star is a single mother who took a small boy in 2012, and three years later she gave him a sister as well.

Hugh Jackman

The couple didn’t hide the fact that they had hard time conceiving a baby for already long time, that’s why they decided to adopt two pretty kids – Oscar and Ava.

Denise Richards

This is coming as a surprise – the mother of two biological kids, the beauty has adopted another baby doll in 2011.

 Source: indigodaily


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