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5 Things You Should Never Do On New Year’s Eve

You don’t want to be one of those people

The New year party is almost here – one of the craziest nights ever. However next morning many people do regret what they did during the night, so maybe it is better to avoid doing the following things right away:

Don’t wear too high shoes. First of all after couple of champagne flutes you won’t be able to walk in them properly. Second of all it is not comfortable to dance at all, and thirdly it is usually dark at such parties – nobody will even notice them.

Don’t wear a tiny dress. Depends where you are going to celebrate the New year’s eve, small black dresses are not the best option for the winter night. For sure you will go outside to see the fireworks and the last thing you want is to freeze – unless you celebrate somewhere very warm, like Caribbean or Mexico.

Don’t be too hard on the booze. At least make it until midnight. How many times you have seen people totally wasted even before the clock stroke 12? You don’t want to miss all the fun, right?

Don’t stay alone. Even if you don’t have any big plans or party to attend don’t even try to spend your New Year’s eve browsing social media. That’s totally lame!

Avoid spending time with people you don’t even like. If there is a choice to spend it alone or with people you don’t like, it is far wiser to stay alone. The best option would be to spend it with your parents. At least it is always fun, full of family drama and old jokes.

 Source: indigodaily


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