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5 Extraordinary Christmas Traditions Around The World

With so many diverse cultures around the globe, no wonder Christmas is celebrated in its own way in every corner of the world

Christmas is one of those holidays that reflects the best people’s traditions and culture. But customs may be very different depending on the country, taking into consideration historical and cultural background. However no matter where you are, celebrating Pere Noel in France or somewhere else, the special atmosphere is definitely spread all over the globe:


Holiday is very loved in this country, especially by the KFC company who launched their campaign in 1974 and set up a whole new weird tradition, called “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii “, which means Kentucky for Christmas. The tradition became so popular that even now is kept by many locals who drive in to pick up their holiday meal.


While everybody you know is decorating a Christmas tree, Lebanese are actually planting certain seeds, either of lentils or beans into a cotton wool two weeks before the Christmas. All the family is gathering on Christmas morning to celebrate the holiday with traditional dishes.


Here the holiday starts a little bit earlier – like nine days before the actual Christmas. The hugest event in the country is called Las Posadas and is devoted to the celebration of Mary’s pregnancy. People visit each others house to sing the carols along with tasting the delicious meals – Christmas pinata, which is filled with nuts, candies and tangerines.


If to believe irish, Santa is not a big fan of cookies and milk and would rather prefer a nice pint of Guinness. So kids are instructed to live a glass of beer along with mince pies to keep Santa happy.


Here people love the stories of mystical trolls and elves, that’s why it is them who come 13 nights before Christmas visiting children and leaving either a small present or a rotten potato, depending whether you were a naughty kid or no?

Source: indigodaily


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