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19 Yearbook Quotes That Will Put Yours to Shame

Yearbooks are meant to be cherished years down the line when you’re old and gross and nobody loves you anymore. So make what you write in them count.

1. She’s not wrong.

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2. Of course, that’s what someone who had Voldemort under their headwrap WOULD say…

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3. Conner’s parents are just so proud right now, guys.

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4. Barry Ponder may be overestimating how sexy his kids find his high school self.

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5. It’s true – Mr. Rogers ate a TON of makeup.

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6. Greg! Stop stealing EVERYONE’S girl!

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7. Madi is living life as it was meant to be.

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8. Gretchen has not aged well.

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9. Jason is straight to the point.

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10. Jessica Lee doesn’t give a fluorine uranium carbon potassium.

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11. Shoot, I didn’t even go to high school with her and I’m regretting it.

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12. (*surprised emoji*)

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13. This is real. TOO real.

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14. Kim Kardashian is our greatest living philosopher.

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15. Let’s hope Faizon isn’t sentenced to 7 years of med school.

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16. “I made another funny!”

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17. Damn, Luis, you do you.

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18. Really banking on never showing this yearbook to your relatives, huh?

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19. Katia is at least honest about what lies ahead.

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