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10 Great Things to do When You’re Alone

Spending time alone is a prospect few enjoy. After all, humans are pack animals. It’s innate in us to benefit from the company of friends and family and to enjoy the safety and comfort that comes from our loved ones.But done moderately, being alone can be great too.

You’ve nobody to please. No expectations to meet. You can do whatever you want!

So get over your fear of looking like a loner by making more ‘Me Time.’ Here are ten great things you can do alone.

1. Go to the cinema

The cinema has always been a place of social gathering. But It’s an odd social activity that doesn’t require much interaction other than for one’s eyes to stare at the screen. So go by yourself. You won’t have friends rustling their sweet packets or gossiping about the latest flings at work. Better still, you can indulge in a movie that might not have got the seal of approval from more high-brow friends. So don’t feel inhibited to cry your heart out or flail your arms in excitement. Nobody will know who you are….

2. Do something creative

It could be anything. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write a book? In that case, why not dabble in a bit of fiction? Or Non-fiction. A novel. A novella. A short story. Even just a blog post. You’ll find that whatever it is you choose to undertake, you’ll feel nourished and satisfied knowing your feeding or creative desires. And if you aren’t a writing enthusiast, do something else. Paint a picture. Take photographs. Code a programme on your computer. As long as you’re doing something that isn’t work-related, you’ll start to feel your alone time benefits you as opposed to it just being there as a countdown for doing something else.

3. Exercise

An endorphin rush is like no other. You feel alive. You’re happier and feel ready to take on the world. It may sound dramatic, but one hour in the gym can make you feel like Pop-Eye with spinach. What’s more, you’re taking care of yourself. It’s only an hour, and sometimes it’s nice just to zone out from the world, plug your earphones in and work your muscles.

4. Pamper yourself

When treating yourself to something relaxing, it can often be a better experience alone. You don’t have to worry about others being okay. You can just focus on your luxury. So treat yourself to a nice haircut. Book yourself in for a magical massage. Whatever it is, do it alone, and you’ll feel ten times more relaxed. 

5. Take a scenic walk

We forget that nature is even there, at times. We’re busier than ever and can often forget how beautiful the smaller things are. So make an effort to walk around a beautiful area. Take nothing but your keys. No phone. No Ipod. Just you and nature’s music. It can often be the simplest of walks, after all, that lead to the greatest ideas.

6. Listen and dance to your favourite music

For the majority of us, we aren’t blessed with the dancing skills of Channing Tatum or the angelic voice of Adele. So we dance awkwardly, aware that in public places, there are people far more accomplished in said departments.

So create a disco where in your mind, at least, you’re the very best performer alive. Dance like nobody’s watching. Sing like you’re Adele. Let go. Nobody will be in your room other than yourself. You’ll find it a great stress reliever.

7. Stargaze

It may sound corny and contrived, but taking yourself away from all life’s stresses and sitting on a nice patch of grass looking up at a star-filled sky can do wonders to the mind. It makes you think more clearly and offers moments of reflection that you can’t always have when talking to a friend or family member.

8. Phone a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while

Catching up with an old friend on the phone can be an excellent way to reconnect with the ones that meant so much to you in the past. You’ll have a lot to talk about, and you may even want to meet up one time. It’s important you remember those that played a significant role in your past.

9. Watch a Netflix marathon

We all need some much-needed escapism and watching a gripping television series is one of the best ways to do that. Netflix is perfect for that.

10. Sit at a nice bar

Bars and restaurants are common areas of social interaction. But that needn’t stop you from going alone. Many often have the greatest of conversations simply by taking themselves to the bar and ordering a beer. Besides,  more often than not, those with others usually dine at the tables. So why not try it one evening? You never know who you might meet…

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