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These Animals Cost More Than Supercars

British have their own specialty – expensive animals

It turns out that in Britain there is around 5 billion pounds spend yearly for exclusive types of pets. It doesn’t matter whether it is a fish, a cow, a horse or a dog, British have always had this passion for the animal world and the tradition continues. Here are some of the most expensive animals, which cost more than a super car…like literally:

White Lion

These rare kind can be found only in some distant areas of South Africa’s Krueger National Park. The number of these animals is limited, not reaching even 300. The strange color is achieved due to genetic mutation, and each of these lions has a price of 105, 000 pounds.


Who doesn’t love these affectionate dogs. So far they are the most popular breed in UK and an average price tag ranges from 650-850 pounds per one. However, one of the most expensive Labradors known is Sir Lancelot Encore, who is actually a clone developed for 155, 000$ from the original Sir Lancelote who died back in 2012.

Holstein Cow

Back in 2013, “Missy” became a property of Canadian investors for 1.2$ million only. Why is this cow so damn expensive? It is believed to be perfectly proportioned with excellent sizes of both teats and udders. Plus she was an award winner and is praised for the quality of milk she produces.

Tibetan mastiff

This breed looks more like a lion than a dog itself. In the east, having this dog is considered to be extremely luxury and prestigious. The most expensive mastiff was sold for 1.14 million pounds in China.


Some of the horses which are used for racing will cost you a fortune,like the Arabian breed for example. One of the horses that is truly legendary was a magnificent US racehorse “Green Monkey”, which went from the auction for 16$ million. However, the horse didn’t win the race at that time and retired 4 years later.

Source: indigodaily


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