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Do You Have This Tiny Hole By Your Ear? This Is What It Means

Such special things in our appearance make us really special

You have to agree that every single person has some cute and outstanding features in the appearance which make him unique and one of the kind. Somebody has freckles which are really sexy, the other features cute birthmarks or malls in such places that you couldn’t even imagine 🙂 And there is a small percentage of people who have a so called small hole by the ear. It is quite a rare condition and it got a name of ear pit, which has nothing to do with piercing, but appears naturally when you are born.

Scientists came up with few theories about this phenomenon. It mostly occurs on the outside ear’s rim, and can happen on both of the ears in some cases. According to statistics, only 1% people have it in US, while 10% in Asia and some parts of Africa.

The first time ear pit was recorded in 1864 by Van Heusinger and was diagnosed as a birth defect. However, Neil Shubin has another theory. According to him, such holes by the ear can be evolutionary remnants of the fish gils. Which drives us to conclusion that our ancestors might have lived underwater and such ear pits are the only sign or leftover of this from ancient times.

Most of the people who have these holes mostly don’t notice it, cause it doesn’t bother at all, but in rare cases you can get infected and this is when medical treatment is essential.

So if you have such a small hole by your ear, you might be a mermaid….at least couple of centuries some of your ancestors were.

Source: indigodaily


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