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​Shocking Undercover Film Shows Crocodiles Being Skinned Alive To Make Bags

Animal cruelty is among the lowest of the low. How anyone can mistreat another living creature is a horrible and baffling thought.

That’s what makes the behaviour of these farms in Vietnam towards crocodiles all the more disturbing, unsettling and just plain fucking shocking.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has released the below footage which was filmed undercover in the spring of this year and shows crocodiles being skinned alive to make luxury handbags.


Video Credit: PETA

Some of the video has been censored as it is too upsetting to show a process called pithing.

This sees the crocodiles pinned down on a table before their necks are cut and a rod of metal is used to destroy spinal tissue. Horrendous.

Credit: PETA

The animals are still alive while this takes place and they can continue to live while imprisoned in tiny cages for several hours despite essentially being paralysed.

Credit: PETA

“PETA is calling on everyone not to buy exotic skins in order to prevent reptiles from being imprisoned, mutilated, and sometimes skinned alive,” said PETA Managing Director Ingrid Newkirk.

It’s horrific and PETA is doing its bit by bringing attention to this sickening business.

Source: theladbible | Featured Image Credit: PETA


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