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A Haircut In The Shape of A Last Supper Painting

Leonardo da Vinci definitely didn’t see this coming

When you think of the new hairstyle, the maximum on what your imagination is capable of is a weird hair color or some unusual shape. However in the hands of this barber, even the most insane, the darkest wishes of your mind can come true.

Rob Ferrel or Rob the Original will shave on your head any picture you wish, from Barak Obama portrait to even the Last Supper painting from Leonardo Da Vinci. Yes, it is not a joke. But you will have to head to Texas to meet this hairstyle celebrity.

Originally from Los Angeles Rob got his popularity thanks to his skillful chops, however now he is capable of making incredibly detailed dust and sand portraits on the heads of his customers. The most recent works of this incredible barber include the Last Supper and Beatle’s Abbey Road. The last one barber will never forget as he has this phrase tattooed on his hands.

As for the professionalism of the artist, he made it clear on his official site that he uses very carefully all the products, from the Colare X2 to professional clippers from BabylissPro. The only question left if whether you are ready to have a double face? It might look weird on one hand and absolutely magnifying on the other. Whether it is a portray of a celebrity or politician, a landscape or a simple cut, you can trust your head and hair into the hands of this master.

Source: indigodaily


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