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Why Do You Always Feel Tired?

No matter how much rest you have during the night, every day you still feel like cracked.

You might experience a constant feeling of tiredness in any season, so don’t put the blame on winter. Even if you get a right, complete rest every single night, you might still feel fatigued and here is exactly why:


 Keep a bottle of water always by your side, as water is the one elements that makes your system running properly. If you don’t get enough liquid it can slow down your energy boost, productivity and even worsen your mood.

Too much water

Seriously, it can be an issue as well, as it turns out. But only if you consume too much before the bedtime. You don’t want to disturb your sleep by often calls to the bathroom, right? Better drink more water during the day and cut out one hour or two before heading to bed.

Messy house

 You may wonder how does it effect your rest? But according to the studies, clean and well organized house clears up space in your mind and is kind of inspiring for more work. Just think when was the last time you felt motivated to work behind the messy desk?


 In order to get a proper rest during the night, keep your room temperature cool. Yes, during the freezing weather outside your hand automatically wants to turn the heater just a bit more, but your body needs a cooler area for complete rest. Get a warm blanket instead!

Going to bed angry

 Never ever do this. Especially if you had a fight with a partner. Try to solve the issue before hitting the bed, otherwise your mind will be all night long preoccupied with various thoughts and worries.

Source: indigodaily


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