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Incredible Photo Series Shows Huge Dogs Playing With Their Tiny Toddler Pals

A photographer is launching a new book featuring 100 touching images showing the loving bond between young children and their enormous dogs. The series of pictures shows breeds such as Great Danes and Newfoundlands towering over toddlers – highlighting their mutual love for each other. Children no taller than 2ft are seen high-fiving their family pets, running alongside them and even riding their beloved dogs as if they were a horse. The extraordinary collection will feature in a book called β€˜Little Kids and Their Big Dogs’ – which is all down to the work of photographer Andy Seliverstoff.

More info: Andy Seliverstoff, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: dailymail)

β€œIt’s very difficult to say if big breeds get a bad name, because all dogs are very different. We only took photos with dogs that have a stable mind and good temperament, as these dogs are open to bonding with both people and children. I’m just trying to achieve and convey the mutual contact between a child and their dog,” Andy told The Daily Mail.

Source: designyoutrust | Photos by Andy Seliverstoff


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