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6 Ways Not To Get Sick This Winter

Leave sicknesses to the weakest ones

Winter is the season of epidemic flue, cold and bronchitis. You already see people in the public transport sneezing and coughing, as if they do it on purpose – to infect the rest. However, you can always improve your immune system by following the next few rules, where dressing up warm and washing hands are too obvious to be mentioned:

Don’t skip lunch at work. And by lunch we mean not a cookie with a cup of coffee, but some real meals. Pack a small container with some fruit, veggies and whole grains.

Meditation. Yes, releasing stress makes your immune system stronger, as it has been proven by science that stress and anxiety make you more vulnerable to infections. Just spend few minutes every day with yourself, healthy mind is a healthy body in the end of the day.

Walk. Locking yourself at home will not help you become stronger to the sicknesses, and doesn’t actually mean you won’t get sick. Take a short walk in daily basis, to increase the number of immune cells in your body. Plus fresh air and a bit of winter sunshine will definitely improve your mood.

Spend time with friends who make your laugh. Positive emotions fight stress which weakens your body. So don’t neglect an invitation to catch up with your friends.

Stretch. You don’t even need to make heavy workout, as stretching will make your lymphatic system moving which pushes toxins out of your body. And it feels to good not to do it.

Get some wine. In reasonable quantity of course. According to University of Auckland, one glass one wine is capable to decrease the oxidative stress.

Source: indigodaily


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