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Home Alone: These Injuries Should Have Killed The Guys

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to survive after all the miseries Culkin put Harry and Marvin through?

It is not possible. Literally. But we anyway love the movie and watch it every single year, Christmas by Christmas. It is already a long term tradition, the same as when the ad of Coca Cola starts to show up on TV with bright vans and songs accompanied. It is a sign that holidays are already on its way. By watching hilarious Home Alone you can’t help by wonder which of the events could actually kill the guys in reality? Here are the answers:


Remember the “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” how Culkin was throwing bricks from the top of the building? Whatever Harry didn’t catch, Marv’s face collected all. Even though the brick was thrown by the kid it would definitely break the skull.

Foiled by fire

Two times even. But the second time was even worse for Harry, again in the New York part. There was no snow to cease the fire, so he had to dip the head inside the toilet full with kerosene. Such a thing would definitely kill anybody…and blew up the whole house.

Electric shock

This is probably the most hilarious thing that happened in the movie. Poor Marvin was trying to remove all the stuck stuff from his face and body, but had no chance. The moment of him standing and unable to take off the hands from the taps with electricity would kill him in the first few seconds.

The fall

From the third floor back to the ground one, face down….Can you imagine the pain and breakages? Hollywood knows how to make the movie fun and exciting to watch.


Straight from the top, with a full power and hitting of course nothing but face – immediate death instead of the funny red mark on the face!

But we still love this movie and are already eager to watch all the parts one more time.

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