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Hot Musicians That Can’t Actually Sing

Really? Didn’t expect to see some of these celebrities on the list.

There are plenty talented musicians in the world, who got their fame and pride thanks to skills, exquisite voice or marvelous playing technique. But you won’t argue that there is a great amount of celebrities who got on stage just because they are extremely beautiful, sexy, know how to attract public attention and nobody no longer cares for their natural voice and true musical abilities. Here are few of the best examples, proving that you don’t have to be strong vocal to be extremely popular and still gather millions on the stadium:

Taylor Swift

 A former country singer got her fame for teenage sensual lyrics, the drama of breakups and of course by showing a little bit too much of her pretty body to the fans. Blond hair, blue eyes and white porcelain skin couldn’t but help to stand out on the stage. She is not that good in singing in reality, however the big improvement has been recorded. Practice does help.

Ashlee Simpson

One of the brightest examples of celebrities who even didn’t agree to sing live for her fans. Such an attitude should show that something is wrong here. She did try to sing live on Saturday Night Live show and managed to screw up it big time, blaming in the end her band.

Selena Gomez

This lovely lady with a rather cute voice is always surrounded with a bunch of distractions on the stage, like beautiful open outfits and professional dancers. However she is considered to be the famous lip syncing master who avoid big stages. Selena just doesn’t want to disappoint her fans with the same sick old song.


You can’t say completely she can’t sing, but most of her time in the studio she spend talking rather than singing. However, nowadays it is a rather modern style, that people love. However she doesn’t make often public appearances with songs, cause her real voice is quite unappealing to the public. So better stick with the way she makes her songs now.

Some ratings add to these list such world class musician as Madonna, Jay Lo and Britney Spears, however many of us could doubt they can’t sing alive….especially after visiting couple of their concerts. So let’s leave at least a bit of a credit to the musicians who deserve it.

Source: indigodaily


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