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4 Signs You Will Get Married Late

Still didn’t tie the knots? Maybe it is not the time yet

Funny concept of bound and trapped by marriage

While many of us are watching friends and relatives getting married, moving in, having kids and going for vacation together you still remain single. Ever wondered why you are still not married? It is not about the age, but your personality and feelings. However there are few signs showing that you will get married a little bit later than everybody else:

You still don’t know who you are. Young people, in their 20-s are still in search of their own path. Some of us find the route faster, the others later, that’s why you can’t commit to other person until you find yourself, figure out what you want from life and where you see yourself in the future. Once you make up your mind and move towards your goal, you will feel more confident looking for a soulmate.

You are not financially stable. Unfortunately money rule the world and while some people neglect this and run into the church in a wedding dress such knots usually end in divorce. It is one thing when you are alone and totally different when you have your partner and kids to take care of. Therefore stable job and financial back is essential for marriage.

You have a whole world to explore. In young age you are excited and curious about world around you. There are so many things to see and visit that an idea of getting married at this particular moment sounds impossible and ridiculous for you. The feeling of freedom is truly powerful.

You don’t trust. Mostly concerns those people who have been in long lasting relationship before which didn’t end up nicely. To regain a trust in people is a hard issue, which will demand a lot of patience and time.

But eventually you will step over the church, say those votes and live happily ever after.

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