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Girl Makes History By Snapchatting Her Nudes 36,000 Feet In The Air

This girl is busting girls excuses right out of the water with this selfie. “I can’t send you a picture right now” NO EXCUSES! This girl fired off a nude selfie in the airplane bathroom!

This is why every plane in 2016 needs to have wi-fi! Think of all the shit we have been missing.


This is Alyssa Cole, I don’t know much about her other than the fact that she can take some A++ selifes. Look at this one. Rarely do I see a booty pop like this on Snapchat:


I also learned that she participates in No shave November 😍🌳💦👌

1480806141-6240-CyaOUtJUQAA-7Sj-576x1024And most importly like the title says — she fired off the FIRST EVER SNAPCHAT NUDE FROM SPACE! Sorry I got excited, I hope to see that once in our lifetime.


I’ll save you guys 2 mins of searching the comments — here is her snapcode. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

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