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‘Dear Ivanka’ Is Asking The Future First Daughter All The Right Questions

“Aren’t we a nation that believes in human rights?”

An Instagram account is delivering pointed and important messages to Ivanka Trump on a daily basis.

Dubbed “Dear Ivanka,” the account regularly pens letters to Ivanka Trump that are critical of her father’s administration’s position on women’s issues, LGBT issues and the climate. The account is backed by the HALT Action Group, an ambiguous activist organization that has been tied to curator Alison Gingeras and artist Jonathan Horowitz.

Dear Ivanka’s decision to go after Trump’s eldest daughter is both a shrewd and controversial political move. She is seen by many as the Trump family member with the “strongest brand,” and she’s also been tied to several left-leaning organizations that could be allies for Democrats who want to contain Trump’s Republican administration.

The published letters to Ivanka are sparking lots of interesting political discourse on Instagram, a place not usually known for its in-depth political conversations, and they aren’t shying away from anything.

One post asks the self-described advocate for working women to imagine what motherhood would be like if she hadn’t been born into privilege: “Tom Price is our Secretary of Health and Human Service, we are post-Affordable Health Care Act, and getting that baby out of your body is going to require a major out-of-pocket payment that will bankrupt you. Aren’t we a nation that believes in human rights?”

If the reports that Donald Trump trusts no one more than his daughter are true, the Instagram account’s plan to get her attention might be a bold and potentially effective move. The account already as over 11,000 followers and has posted 84 different times.

@dear_ivanka Your father’s chosen Vice President, Michael “Mike” Pence, is an unabashed homophobe: he called the bestowal of equal rights to gay couples a sign of “societal collapse,” and believes the allowance of gay marriage to be an early horseman of our nation’s apocalypse, tantamount to the legalization of murder. At the start of this calendar year, I believed that such opinions, while still extant, had become gauche, their mainstream palatability well past its long overdue expiration date. But your father – the President Elect – has surrounded himself with men who, for reasons on which I will not speculate, hate gay people. Well, Ivanka, my parents happen to be gay – both kind, brilliant women, extremely accomplished in the personal and professional realms – and so I wonder, do you agree with Mr. Pence that my upbringing was inherently corrupt? That my parents, when they applied for a marriage license in Provincetown in the mid-aughts, ought to have been jailed? That my mothers, who not only loved me, but taught me to love others – a lesson that your father, Mr. Trump, and his cohorts Mr. Pence, Mr. Sessions, Mr. Bannon, et al, seem either to have missed or misunderstood – are an existential threat to this nation? Sincerely, @tommy_brewers_business

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With such divisiveness in this election, maybe there is hope that Ivanka could be a middle-ground player in a controversial Trump administration. If Dear Ivanka succeeds in its mission, she’s going to hear the concerns of many Americans.

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