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Watch PETA Trick Pedestrians Into Drinking ‘Dog Milk’

PETA has been known to do some grimy things to get their point across, and once again, they really pissed off people with a gross social experiment.

The animal-loving activist group released a street video where they had London pedestrians try a new dairy product called “Barker’s Farmhouse Milk,” later telling the milk testers they were really consuming dog milk.

Of course, it wasn’t actually dog milk, it was soy milk, but they didn’t tell anyone that at the time of filming.

The carton was all white with black spots, which could be mistaken for cow print, but was probably intended to represent a Dalmatian. Clever sons of bitches.

They also had people try the milk in a “focus group” setting, getting people’s reactions and honest feedback on it.

By the end of the video, they told all the taste testers that they had actually just drank dog’s milk and as you can imagine, they were all pissed.

Then came the teaching moment, where they dramatically displayed a message that said, “Dog’s milk, cat’s milk, rat’s milk, cow’s milk, what’s the difference.”

After that, the world suddenly sympathized with vegans, food industry was forever changed, and people stopped thinking PETA’s just a bunch of assholes.

Wait, none of that happened, but at least PETA got a rise out of a few meat-eaters, and that’s all that matters, really.

Source: foodbeast


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