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Woman is Selling Virginity for $1 Million to Buy Parents a New House

Aleexandra Khefren is an 18-year-old virgin who is advertising her chastity for a little more than $1 million in order to save her parents from living on the streets.


Khefren is an amateur model who was fretting over her parents losing their home after being unable to pay the mortgage. After watching the movie Indecent Proposal, where a man pays a woman $1 million to spend the night together, Khefren put her own profile up on an escort service site. She would not accept anything below $1 million because it would be a once in a life time service she could provide since she has never had sex before.


Khefren claims that her parents have no idea that she is whoring herself out for their sake despite being on television talk shows in order to advertise it. At this point there is no way that they don’t know about it. What I don’t understand is why she would set her standards to that of a movie plot. I get that a lot of people think that a person’s virginity is special but I doubt anyone would pay $1 million just to take this girl’s. All you have to do is go freshman hunting at a party college, you can pop plenty of cherries free of charge with enough luck or charm. She is going to have to drop her price before anyone starts buying.

You can check out Aleexandra’s Instagram below and maybe throw your own bid in if you’re interested.

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