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Unknown Facts From Ivanka Trump Life

Victory of Donald Trump rose an incredible noise not only around his name but the whole family in general.

Ivanka Trump – the oldest daughter has always caught attention of journalists. She was spoiled since childhood with expensive presents and the girl confesses that instead of the dolls she used to have diamonds.

Ivanka tried herself in model business, and even though she was quite successful, Ivanka got bored with it pretty fast and changed the modeling career for studying real estate business.

Trump is known for his affection to beautiful women and once he confessed that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter she would be his girlfriend for sure.

According to the husband – millioner Jared Kushner, Ivanka has a rather complicated personality. She can’t relax, is always in a hurry and is always thinking of competition.

Ivanka changed her religion once she got married and accepted Judaism. She and her husband try to follow traditions, they eat kosher meals and follow shabbes.

By the way, the couple’s wedding is considered to be one of the most luxury ones in the whole history. There were 500 people invited and couple gave presents to all the guests on the sum of 9000 dollars.

Even though finances are not an issue at all in this family, Ivanka prefers beauty products designed for middle class. For example she likes such Spanish professional cosmetics as Natura Bisse.

Source: indigodaily


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