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The Inventor Of The McDonald’s Big Mac Has Died

Michael “Jim” Delligatti, the man responsible for supplementing many a night out and curing countless hangovers after inventing the Big Mac, has died aged 98.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s confirmed Delligatti’s passing to Associated Press, saying he passed away in the company of his family.

Jim’s invention – a double-decker hamburger – was actually rejected at his Uniontown, Pittsburgh, branch some 50 years ago.

But he persisted, thinking that the popular chain was lacking a sandwich of its size, and thankfully managed to convince the naysayers into introducing it to their menu.

Obit Big Mac Creator

Michael Delligatti in 2008. Image: PA

The Big Mac is now essentially synonymous with McDonald’s, even more so than chicken nuggets or the Quarter Pounder. In 2007, it got its own museum.

Delligatti once lamented that all he got for coming up with the burger was a “plaque” as opposed to a sizeable monetary reward.

That’s a shame. The Big Mac, along with the wheel and Galahad Aldi premium lager, is one the best innovations human beings can boast of.

I now feel guilty for having opted for a Chicken Legend meal earlier today.

RIP, fella, and thanks for everything.


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