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Scary Truth About Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas is on the way and we start debating what kind of tree to get this year

Couple of years ago it was out of the question what kind of tree to buy for Christmas. Everybody was rushing to the open market to get the best, biggest and fresh real Christmas tree. In recent years everything got a bit changed, either due to the environmental concern or the wish of people to preserve the nature, or maybe because of the rapid rise of the price for the fresh trees, but many of us switched to artificial tree instead. Yes, it doesn’t have that nice, green, fresh, oily smell, but it stays way longer that the real one and you don’t have to buy each year a new one! However as it turns out they require more energy than we think, making them not so eco-friendly as we thought, and here is exactly why:
  • The majority of the trees are produced in China, where coal energy is on its peak – and it is a clear pollution;
  • The material used for crafting the trees is not healthy either – petroleum derived plastic;
  • These trees are not biodegradable, which means that even after couple of years that you keep it at home, it will still need another few dozens of years to merge into the landfill;
  • In order to bring these trees to the US market for example, fuel – guzzling ships are used.

At the same time, fresh Christmas trees are capable for the next records:
  • Every single acre of tree farm can produce oxygen sufficient enough for 18 people day;
  • The special farms where Christmas trees are planted become homes to wildlife, which provides perfect conditions for animals.
  • Even when the crop is left in the soil, it still work keeping the ground stable, as they are usually planted in the dirt;
  • Every year, around three seedings are planted before the Christmas celebrations, specially for cutting down. It is quite a big forest!
  • Just one tree can absorb around a ton of CO2 in the course of its lifetime.

Impressive right? This information doesn’t make the choice easier!

Source: indigodaily


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