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Mixing Liquid Nitrogen And Coca Cola Will Send Your Bottle Into The Stratosphere

We’ve tried throwing Mentos into a bottle of Coca Cola tons of times in our youths. The chemical reaction caused by adding the mint candy to the carbonated soda creates a jet stream of foam that violently spills from the tip of the bottle. A cheap and messy experiment that’s perfect for any teenager trying to kill a Saturday afternoon.

In a remix of that concept, experimental YouTuber, The Crazy Russian Hacker, did a little test on his driveway to see if adding liquid nitrogen to a bottle of Coke would produce similar results as combining Coke with Mentos.

After adding some liquid nitrogen to the nearly full Coke bottle, the CRH flipped the soda around. The bottle was pretty much transformed into a homemade rocket ship, as it shot into the sky thanks to a combination of the carbonation and the cryogenic fluid.

Check out the video to see the complete experiment. Needless to say, you definitely should not be trying this at home.

Source: foodbeast


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