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Guy Wakes Up In Morgue After Being Pronounced Dead Following Heavy Sesh

Now and again during ‘the sesh’ someone will pass through the realms of inebriation and enter a completely different world yet to be discovered by pioneers of alcohol.


Because these different universes can only be reached by certain individuals, they are still largely under research. No one is really sure about them so that leads them to believe that the person in question is dead.

This exact scenario happened to 25-year-old Polish man named Kamil, who was pronounced dead after drinking copious amounts.



Never mind a hangover from hell, he woke up in a morgue and found himself naked on a table and having to ask a security guard for a blanket.

Kamil was reportedly taking part in a heavy boozing session before collapsing after a few too many vodkas. Following a series of medical tests, the Spartan of the sesh was told he could return home. Stopping for a McDonald’s on the way, surely?

However, this is no normal man. He is no mortal. He took on the sesh, cheated death and then laughed in its face. He, of course, returned to the pub to pick up where he left off in order to pursue different areas of drunkenness.

Source: theladbible


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