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YouTuber Blocking NYC Traffic For ‘Photoshoot’ Gets Windscreen Destroyed

The word ‘YouTuber’ is a bit of taboo thing these days. Something that once meant ‘someone who films funny videos and puts them on YouTube’ has now turned into ‘obnoxious, arrogant bellends who do dickhead things but call them “pranks” and “social experiments” to try and get away with it’.

Albeit, not all of them are like this, of course, but sometimes you can’t help but get a bit peeved off with it all.

Coby Persin is apparently partial to the odd ‘prank’ and ‘social experiment’, but some people are getting sick of it. Coby allegedly makes £286.4k a year, so decided he’d buy himself a gold plated BMW i8, something that appears in a lot of his videos.

Recently he was using the car to hold up traffic in the centre of New York City, apparently having a photo shoot in the middle of the road.

Due to the rush hour hold up, an angry driver with a baseball bat came and smashed Coby’s windscreen.

There’s a chance that the attack on his £104k car was set-up and yet again another ‘social experiment’, but it’s also not so unlikely that it was genuine as he very much deserved it.

Sifting through the plethora of comments on Instagram, most of which include the buzzword ‘dickhead’, people have accused him of using his friend to smash the window.

Source: theladbible


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