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The Mystery Of James Bond’s Crimes

Did you know that real Bond was actually a brutal man?

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino

Colossal movie about James Bond is actually inspired by a true story. The idea came to Ian Fleming after finishing reading the biography of Sidney Reilly. Spectacular story of professional spy from British agents. But besides being professional, he turned out to be quite dangerous person, who had no fear to kill somebody who got on his way:

Case in Paris. The youth of Reilly still remains rather mysterious, however his birthplace is more likely to be in Odessa, Ukraine while his first crime as a professional agent happened when the staff found a body of a gentleman in one of the train’s compartments.. He did come into consciousness and said his name as well as described two men attacking him. According to Russian exile, he did intend to attack the man with Reilly once they found out that the victim was the one who transported big amounts of money for anarchists.

He poisoned Hugh Thomas. A wealthy husband of a beautiful woman Margaret Thomas changed his will in 1898 leaving everything to his beloved wife. Not even a week passed by as the man was found dead in the hotel’s room where he stayed. According to the doctor, man died from natural causes, however later investigations found a strange coincidence that the doctor looked very much alike Sidney Reilly. After few months of grief and a rich heritage, Margaret tied knots with nobody else but Sidney Reilly.

Louisa Lewis case. Reilly was seen staying at the Hotel Cecil where Louisa Lewis was working. Before she used to be an employee of the hotel where murder of Hugh Thomas took place. In 1908 the lady mysteriously disappeared after a short talk to a man whose description matched Reilly’s. The case of of Louisa was actually never solved.

Source: indigodaily


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