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Someone Flew A Drone Over Apple’s New Campus And It’s Modern AF

As if working for Apple wouldn’t give you enough bragging rights as it is, the company’s new campus looks sweet.

You’d never have to wait for a parking space as this beast has 20,000 of the bloody things.



Not only that, like some kind of evil genius’ lair, there’s an underground auditorium. Fancy working out? There’s a massive 100,000 square foot fitness centre.

If this was a hideout for some kind of Bond villain, that’d be perfect as all your minions would have six-packs. That’s a pretty cool way of buffing up your army.

As you can see from the footage, it’s massive. My tiny brain can’t even comprehend how big that is. There are shitloads of solar panels (or is it some kind of force-field?) on Apple Campus 2 and you know that all of the employees are going to feel really lucky every time they step into their office. Now all they need is complementary coffee and doughnuts and it’s probably the best place to work in the world.

The person behind the drone footage reckons the new build will be open and ready for business in early 2017. So if you fancy a change of career, you better start scrubbing up your CV now.

Source: theladbible |ย Featured image credit: Sexton Videography


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