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Knifeman Shot Dead On Campus At Ohio State University

A knifeman on the Columbus campus at Ohio State University has been shot dead and two more people have been arrested after a frenzied attack devastated the university. So far, eight people have been reported going to hospital, while one person was injured but is in a stable condition.

It is reported that a man (now dead) was mowing down students with a car before getting out and attacking people with a knife. He was then shot dead by a responding officer.

This is reportedly an image from the scene after a confrontation with the knifeman.


Credit: Cleveland/Twitter

Police also stormed a garage just after 11am US time, 4pm UK time and reportedly arrested the people in the image below. It is unclear whether they are just people of interest or suspects.


These two men were reportedly arrested. Credit: NBC 4

People are being urged to take shelter and avoid the area.

Initially it was thought a gunman was on the loose, with Ohio State University tweeting at 9:56am local time that there was an active shooter on campus and students should ‘Run Hide Fight’.


Credit: Twitter

“Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College,” the university alert system tweeted on Monday.

“Run, hide, fight” is standard protocol for active shooter situations, AP reported.

The Twitter account has also been giving regular updates:



Credit: Google Maps

Athony Fazalaro told CNN:

“We heard a lot of sirens. I was in class and everyone got a text message at the same time for the emergency alert. Someone said they heard popping right before we got the alert, but I didn’t hear it. We are in a shelter-in-place right now in the building next door.”

The numerous reports of gunfire, it appears, may have come from the on-site officer who shot the suspect dead under a minute after police were alerted.

Campus director of public safety, Monica Moll, stated:

“We believe the threat was ended when the officer engaged the suspect. [It is] very fortunate that an OSU [Ohio State University] officer was there and took quick action.”

OSU’s Columbus campus has nearly 60,000 students enrolled.

Source: theladbible |ย Main image credit: Fox News


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