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Girl Asks Internet For Help After Getting Stuck To Boyfriend During Sex

What a mess… Good thing the internet is here to save the day.

In a time of panic, this girl turned to Reddit while still being glued to her boyfriend.

The internet was not much help. They were saying things like:

You gotta tie a string around your boyfriend, attach the other end to a door knob and slam the door.

You remember that story about the rock climber that cut his own arm off? It’s your lives or your pubes. Do what must be done.

And my favorite: Piss on him… Here is the tragic story she shared on Reddit:

Boyfriend woke up, stuck it in from behind while we’re laying on the bed, finished the morning deed after about 10 minutes. Commence fuck up. We had stayed up all night doing exactly this and we were still very tired. We fell asleep as we were. Wake up 2 hours later in the same exact position. I start moving and feeling some discomfort. The boyfriend wakes up hurting as well. We try to pull apart only to realize that our love juices are dried up and pulling his hairs… I’m currently writing this not wanting to move anymore and cause any more pain to my bf.. halp! How do we get out of this without ripping all his pubes?!?

Source: dudecomedy


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