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Creative Dad Photoshops His Son In Various Corners of The World

Epic pictures of kids fairy tale like adventures.

Inability to travel around the world shouldn’t stop you from living the dream. Social networks are full with bright posts from friends and relatives spending their vacations in new destinations, while you have nothing changed so far. This father decided to bright up his son’s life by creating illusion of traveling and honestly, these pictures are better than real trip.

Adrian Sommeling used photo manipulation to make these amazing pictures, which take his small son into the most exotic destinations around the globe. This is not the first project of the father, as before he used to impress the audience with his photoshop technique on Youtube and even gave few lessons, so any user can create such a beauty.

1480369892-1253-3-1-437x608Adrian Sommeling

However, his last work got extremely popular, either thanks to the small boy behaving extremely natural in the pictures or hilarious and extraordinary places, his father put him in. Could you even think of riding the London’s Big Eye, like a bicycle? Well, this boy will show you how to do it.

1480369892-3761-1-2-608x527Adrian Sommeling

Take a trip to Egypt and reveal the secrets of pyramids together with Sommeling and his son.

1480369892-1226-2-1-608x535Adrian Sommeling

Or fly a magic carpet like Alladin!

1480369892-8171-4-608x456Adrian Sommeling

Just take a look at this amazing collection of creative pictures and get inspired. Everything is in your hands. Can you imagine this small kid growing up and taking the same trips to the same destinations his father used to make up.

1480369892-6541-6-1-608x405Adrian Sommeling

What kind of memory it would be?

Source: indigodaily


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